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Safe, efficient fleet autonomy

Indigo Drive uses your existing fleet to deliver autonomy safer, faster, and more cost-effectively.

An end-to-end system providing all the software and hardware you need to go driverless.

Plan, control and monitor your mixed driverless fleets using one intuitive user interface.

Convert any vehicle and site using Indigo Drive’s modular perception, communication, actuation and safety systems.

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Go driverless

Boost Productivity

Fully synchronise vehicle operations to ensure total site optimisation.

Simplify Operations

Our software allows vehicle supervisors instant visibility of all assets (AVs and non-AVs).

Enhance Safety

Remove people from harm’s way and reduce chances of human error.

Retrofit Quickly and Easily

Retrofit quickly and easily with minimal vehicle modification.

Increase Efficiency

Remove driver downtime allowing assets to work at 100% potential capacity.

Make Operational Savings

Reduce fuel costs, GHG, AQ emissions and tyre wear and see OPEX savings from reduction in personnel costs.

We work in


Enhance safety and improve productivity by automating and controlling the operation of haulage fleets in rugged locations.

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Materials Handling

Ensure the efficient flow of materials across the airport, harbour, logistics, warehousing and construction sectors.

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Protect personnel and assets through autonomous driverless technology whilst increasing operational efficiency.

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Improve operational efficiency, enhance safety and increase farm productivity with robotic vehicle technology.

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Use ABD Solutions and take advantage of our experience:

35+years’ experience in advanced vehicle autonomy and simulation

100+vehicle models developed using AB Dynamics technology

1,000+driverless robot solutions supplied globally

$500mof approximate market capitalisation within this publicly listed, global business

25+of the world's top vehicle manufacturers use our solutions

450talented people employed across the group