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Materials Handling

Productivity through logistic solutions

Autonomous Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) plays a key role in the manufacturing, warehousing and logistics industries' ongoing transformation.

Handling, positioning and distribution processes all demand an efficient flow of materials, with research showing that material handling activities account for up to 70% of total manufacturing and operating costs, depending on product type.

We offer retrofit transportation and handling solutions to the airport, harbour, logistics, warehousing, and construction sectors.

Handling  solutions include Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs), Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).


Advanced driving robot technology combined with object detection and localisation capabilities lies at the core of our solutions, which include:

Retrofit solutions to enable autonomous and remote operation of existing high-value assets

Provision of solutions to enable the development of AIVs, AGVs and HGVs

Forklift carrying a container

Proven automation technology ensures:

Scalable vehicle-agnostic solutions

Rapid solution deployment

Improved labour management

Improved plant utilisation enabling 24/7 operations

Precise autonomous vehicle positioning

Increased workplace safety, including hazardous environments

Use ABD Solutions and take advantage of our experience:

35+years’ experience in advanced vehicle autonomy and simulation

100+vehicle models developed using AB Dynamics technology

1,000+driverless robot solutions supplied globally

$500mof approximate market capitalisation within this publicly listed, global business

25+of the world's top vehicle manufacturers use our solutions

450talented people employed across the group