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To create safer, more productive sites, tackle driver shortages and reduce emissions, we created Indigo Drive; a full-stack, self-driving system that delivers autonomy faster and more cost effectively, using your existing fleet.

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Plan and go


Easily plan automated routes and tasks, assigning to single or multiple vehicles, for truly optimised operations.


Safety systems include obstacle detection, teleoperation, remote vehicle access and real time diagnostics to keep your fleet operating safely.


Track vehicles at individual or site level with real time access via onboard cameras.

Go your own way

Being modular and vehicle agnostic, Indigo Drive provides flexibility across industries, environments and vehicle types.

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Radio network base station

Connecting the vehicle supervisory system to the network – whether in an office, site cabin or vehicle.

Server room

High-availability servers manage vehicle fleets and site operations. Provided on or offsite as preferred.

Control room

Manage multiple vehicles at once via a user-friendly software interface.

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Radio network repeater station

Comprehensive coverage and redundancy across even largest site.

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Site traffic management system

Keep personnel and the public out of harm’s way with automated traffic lights, barriers and other site safety systems.


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Driver connectivity systems

In-cab driver system allows manual and autonomous vehicle operation.

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Vehicle automation system

Create safer driving operations using our smart perception system (LiDAR, camera, and radar) and reliable vehicle control using robotic or Controller Area Network (CAN) technology.


Driverless or remote vehicle control

Detect, stop and go and pedestrian detection

Accurate path following

Integrates with existing fleet management systems

Plan and allocate tasks

Secure communications and GPS/GNSS localisation

CAN or robotic actuation

Built for harsh weather and environments

High-availability redundant architecture

Functionally safe architecture to meet IEC61508: 2010 & ISO17757: 2019

End-to-end autonomy

A system of integrated end-to-end technology to create vehicle autonomy. Modular, vehicle-agnostic and tailored to your needs.

Supervisory system

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-vehicle management
  • Traffic management
  • Route planning
  • Works with your FMS
  • High-availability architecture

Communication system

  • Site radio network
  • V2V / V2X
  • Satelite
  • In-Cab Display

In-vehicle system

  • Actuation with mechanical robots and CAN
  • Perception
  • Object detection & tracking via camera, LiDAR and Radar
  • Diagnostics with CAN and analogue sensors

Site safety system

  • Traffic Control via barriers and traffic lights
  • Asset tracking tags

How to get there

Wherever you are in your autonomy journey, we'll collaborate with you as partners, ensuring you reach your goals.


  • Understand challenges
  • Agree goals
  • Outline timescales


  • Define solution
  • Agree strategies for business, site & vehicles


  • Adapt site
  • Convert vehicles
  • Business process implementation
  • Training


  • Ongoing bespoke support for regional, onsite & remote diagnostics

We provide...

Fleet conversion

Conversion of existing fleets and sites, to benefit from autonomy, across a range of industries, whatever the vehicle type.

Site simulation

Exploration of a site’s potential for autonomy using our digital twin environment that accurately simulates and tests any scenario.

Vehicle actuation

For those already using autonomy with an existing tech stack needing additional vehicle actuation.

OEM collaboration

Partnership with OEMs who need a helping hand adding autonomy to a product.

Unsure where to start or have a unique project?

Whatever stage you’re at in exploring autonomy, one of team will be happy to help if you have any questions.

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