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The future of farming

As food production demands soar, labour shortages and high running costs create extra strain on the farming industry. Replacing existing equipment with new, autonomous versions presents challenges including high initial cost outlay and difficulties integrating new models with remaining equipment.


Our solutions make the most of your existing equipment, providing everything needed to go driverless, without reinventing the wheel, or sending costs through the roof. To get equipment of all shapes and sizes moving autonomously, we combine:

Retrofit hardware for communication, perception and control 


User-friendly software that integrates with your fleet, for route and task management of multiple vehicles.

What’s more, you can easily return to manual operation when needed.

Two vehicles ploughing a field

Going driverless, you'll...

Spend less on fuel, crop spray and labour costs, with precise autonomous driving

Have visibility of your fleet with real time vehicle updates, wherever you are

Boost productivity with less downtime and greater lengths of uninterrupted work

Make the better use of what you’ve got, rather than replacing otherwise good equipment

Become more efficient, as vehicle data insights inform maintenance and operation

Create a safer workplace, removing people from contact with vehicles and machines

Use ABD Solutions and take advantage of our experience:

35+years’ experience in advanced vehicle autonomy and simulation

100+vehicle models developed using AB Dynamics technology

1,000+driverless robot solutions supplied globally

$500mof approximate market capitalisation within this publicly listed, global business

25+of the world's top vehicle manufacturers use our solutions

450talented people employed across the group