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August 2023

Indigo Drive’s software for autonomous fleet route planning

Indigo Drive is a full-stack self-driving system that allows your existing fleet to become autonomous. It’s modular, vehicle-agnostic and allows a limitless number of mining vehicles to be automated. It includes user-friendly software for route-planning, the hardware to move the vehicles (such as drive-by-wire and driving robots), communication (radio, V2X, GPS/GNSS), obstacle detection (LiDAR, camera, radar) and vehicle health and diagnostics (OBD2, telemetry, sensors).

This brief demo shows the software in action covering how to perform basic functions such as planning autonomous routes and assigning tasks to autonomous vehicles. You’ll see how to create a geofence for your Autonomous Operation Zone (AOZ), set up segments within the AOZ and set your autonomous vehicle speed limits. You’ll also see the simple drag-and-drop tasks planner for assigning vehicles to tasks. Finally, you’ll see how to view your assigned vehicles making their way along the route while monitoring them via real time data and live streams. 

Want to see Indigo Drive’s driverless technology at work on rugged terrain? Watch demo HERE.