Delivering defence autonomy

Driverless and autonomous systems make it possible to remove risk and increase the safety of vehicle occupants in high-risk situations.

Our solutions enhance both the efficiency and safety of defence vehicle logistics by reducing the number of personnel in high risk situations and releasing capacity to support priority tasks. We also offer land vehicle automation solutions to improve the realism and usefulness of military training targets.


We offer a range of vehicle automation and automated target solutions, including:

Land vehicle automation solutions for counter-IED, route clearance, demining and general logistics

Development of programmable automated targets for training exercises

Drive-by-wire teleoperation technology for defence vehicles

Close up of defence vehicles

Our proven automation technology:

Reduces risk to defence personnel in hostile environments

Increases efficiencies within theatre and logistics supply chains

Encourages maximum life and versatility from legacy vehicle platforms and infrastructure

Allows precise vehicle control to support simulated training exercises

Use ABD Solutions and take advantage of our experience:

35+years’ experience in advanced vehicle autonomy and simulation

100+vehicle models developed using AB Dynamics technology

1,000+driverless robot solutions supplied globally

$700mof approximate market capitalisation within this publicly listed, global business

25+of the world's top vehicle manufacturers use our solutions

450talented people employed across the group