January 2023

Driverless Demonstration: Tackling Tough Terrain

We recently headed to Cumberwell Park, Wiltshire, UK, where a construction site provided the perfect spot to demonstrate how our driverless system, Indigo Drive, handles extreme weather and ground conditions.

In temperatures of -2 after weeks of rain, the muddy ground was extremely soft with low friction.

For this demo we used a Rokbak RA30 articulated dump truck with full hydraulic steering and completed a range of tests, both loaded and unloaded.

The tests carried included:

– Forward and reverse gear shift

– Object detection (with stop and restart)

– Slalom

– Lane Change

– Emergency Stop

Using various robots inside the cab (for steering, gear change, braking and acceleration) and LiDAR and sensors externally, Indigo Drive safely and precisely completed the pre-programmed route.

Want to see for yourself? Contact info@abdsolutions.com to watch in full.