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September 2022

Launch of Indigo Drive: Driverless technology for existing fleets

Last week we exhibited at DVD2022 where we launched Indigo Drive, our end-to-end system to make existing fleets driverless.

“What makes Indigo Drive unique is that it is vehicle-agnostic and retrofittable, allowing any existing land vehicle to be automated,” said Matthew Price, Managing Director. “This allows personnel to be removed from dangerous driving environments and provides a solution to rising labour shortages across a variety of industries.

As well as increasing safety, automation reduces emissions and fuel consumption and allows operations to continue running in the dark without the use of lights.

Price adds, “We work with our customers to provide solutions tailored to their specific environment by assessing the level and type of automation required, enabling fleet transformation without needing to invest in new vehicles, maximising the return on existing high-value assets.”

The hardware used to provide automation is non-intrusive allowing drivers the option to take control while it’s fitted, significantly increasing the vehicle’s operational flexibility.

In environments where tasks are often repetitive, a fleet can be synchronised to maximise productivity and efficiency. Task planning software ensures that all the vehicles take the most efficient route, reducing fuel consumption and the time to complete the operation. Vehicles that detect obstructions communicate with the fleet management system to prevent others from encountering the same issue. Once the obstruction has been flagged, the vehicle management system can generate an alternative route, or an operator can remotely assess the situation through live vehicle feeds and as required using tele-operations, remotely control the vehicle.

A critical indirect benefit of vehicle autonomy is the digitisation of information from the vehicle. It creates new data streams that are invaluable to fleet operators. The vehicle’s speed, location, fuel level, diagnostic status etc. can all be relayed via the vehicle management toolset. Data analytics can automatically process this information to assist with operational decisions, fleet maintenance scheduling and logistics planning.

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