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September 2021

New retrofit solution to accelerate vehicle autonomy for vehicle operators

AB Dynamics Group has launched a new business unit to become the foremost provider of vehicle agnostic retrofittable autonomous driving systems. ABD Solutions will enable vehicle operators to automate existing fleets, significantly extending the lifecycle of the vehicles.

“Our offering provides existing vehicles with autonomous capabilities, quickly and cost-effectively,” said Matthew Price, Managing Director of ABD Solutions. “If the vehicle has a traditional wheel and pedal set-up and functions in a fixed operating domain, we can automate it. Fleet operators around the world have billions of dollars invested in existing vehicle fleets and our solution significantly extends their lifecycle, whilst improving safety and providing efficiency and productivity increases.”

ABD Solutions uses market-leading hardware and software to provide a complete automation solution that is available from a single supplier. To control the vehicle, the company utilises proven steering and pedal robots. Guidance is undertaken using a state-of-the-art path planning and GPS/GNSS based path following system to precisely control the vehicle’s position to within 1-2cm. The vehicle’s object recognition and detection is carried out using a variety of LiDAR, radar and camera-based systems.

The company’s offering supports vehicles operating in a controlled and geofenced environment, such as warehouses, quarries, airports or fields. Automating vehicles will enable fleet managers to operate their assets 24/7 whilst following the most time efficient path, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity and offering huge safety benefits to personnel. The equipment used is non-intrusive, vehicle agnostic and easily installed, providing operators with total flexibility over where the solution is used.

ABD Solutions is a member of the AB Dynamics Group and will benefit from its experience of developing and supplying thousands of driving robots to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, proving grounds and regulatory authorities. The Group has decades of experience in vehicle autonomy and simulation.

“AB Dynamics has been automating vehicles in one way or another for development and test purposes for decades,” continues Price. “Now, through ABD Solutions, fleet operators can take advantage of this expertise to automate their existing fleets today.”